Things Every Man Should Know

Shaving, parallel parking, swinging a five iron. Okay, you learned all that. But whose job is it to teach you about condoms? At Snakeskin Brands we’ve inherently been given that responsibility. Don’t worry, if you fail the quiz we provided a link to a cheat sheet. First and foremost, don’t keep a condom in your wallet where it can be ass pressed. Not to mention that it leaves a tell all impression in the leather. The next thing is pretty easy too. Don’t bite it when you open it (yes we are still talking about condoms). Tear straight down on the edge of the top of the sealed foil pack. Place the condom on the top of your erect penis while you make sure that it looks like a skullcap that’s being unrolled. If you put it on upside down you have to throw the condom away. So make sure you got it right. As you unroll it, pull the tip of the condom up to create a space for semen. Continue to roll it down and make sure there isn’t any hair in the way because it isn’t fun on rollup if there is. Now you can go into action. We will skip over how to do that. After ejaculation hold onto the condom while you pull out. Keep the condom clear of your partner and discard where your French Bulldog won’t find it. Pop quiz on Tuesday.

Download Cheat Sheet at: www.snakeskinbrands/instructions.pdf