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We at Snakeskin Brands try not to take ourselves too seriously. After all, we named our flagship product ANACONDOM. However, we take our roll in helping you keep informed about safe sex seriously. Our team of researchers and knowledgeable professionals are eager to provide you with the best available information and want to provide  everything they’ve learned on topics important to you. Be discerning about where you get your information. For starters, here are a few answers to questions we’ve been asked:

Q.   Are Snakeskin Brand condoms made from real snakes?
A.   Nope! The Anacondom, Python and Cobra brand condoms are made from natural latex. Our manufacturing exceeds the U.S.F.D.A. requirements as well as the E.U.

Q.   Can Snakeskin Brand condoms help reduce the risk of HIV and or STI’s?
A.   Yes, when used properly, condoms are one of the best ways to protect yourself as well as your partner in reducing the risk of HIV and or STI’s.

Q.   Are condoms the most reliable form of birth control?
A.   No, abstinence is and has always been the most reliable choice for birth control.

Q.   Is it only men that purchase condoms?
A.   Nope! Women of today are making informed decisions and taking control of their choices. You go girls!

Thanks and, please keep the questions coming. Our team will answer as many as we can as quickly as we can. Our response is intended to be non-judgmental, open and honest. We reserve the right to modify or reject questions.